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October 29, 2009



It sounds like you had a great weekend. Those shops look like a lot of fun to visit. I love going into little shops like these.

Thanks for the compliment on my class pumpkin. I still don't know who won! I teach 7th grade, btw.


So that's what it looks like! The road where he grew up is really not all that unlike the road where Ezra's family grew up.


Fun! Taking that restroom photo is so something I'd do!


What a beautiful, old fashioned town. You lucky girl. Clarice

Jennifer Campbell Lopushok

OMG! I just put in a Google images search for "Salem, Indiana," and imagine my shock to discover your blog, doing a whole feature on my hometown and some of its finest qualities! My name is Jennifer, I grew up in Salem, still have family there, and I, too, am a lifelong Anglophile (I really should print up t-shirts that say, "I'd rather be watching BBC!"). I just had to stop and say hello, and invite you to visit my blog, The Beauty of Eclecticism, (http://eclecticismjncl.blogspot.com), because I usually do a post on Salem about twice a month, even though I live in Washington state now. Beautiful pictures; you made me homesick!

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