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June 21, 2007



I always look forward to your inspiration Friday! I love the sofa in the last photo, the different tickings look great! I too, plan to have a totally relaxing weekend, just pottering about at home, and in the garden! Hope you have fun!!


Thanks for the inspiration. I love all of the yellow...it says sunshine and summer! I have the photo with the tulip bulb sign in my tear sheet file, too. Great decorating minds think alike!
Have a nice, relaxing weekend,


Love, love, love these rooms! Have a Great Weekend!


I love these rooms because they feel welcoming and charming. We are off to pick strawberries. xoxoxo Clarice


You know I LOVE yellow, even though there is little of it in our house except your old room. These are great pictures.
Now that I am home, I want to keep more flowers and plants in the house. You are an inspiration. Love ya!


Hey! I just noticed. The fabric on that lampshade, in the last picture, is the same as our old bedspread and drapes. Do you remember?


Love all of the pictures. I agree with what you said. I tend to do the same with my rooms.
Have a great time at the park!
I am heading to the Santa Monica flea market on Sunday.
Have a fun weekend,


That last picture is my very favorite. I just love tulips in any color shape or form. Thanks for all the sunny inspiration. Yellow never fails to make me happy. And have the nicest little weekend to be together, just the three of you.


Great inspiration~the first is my favorite. I can't get enough of white slipcovers lately.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Southern Heart

Beautiful photos today! I hope that you have a great weekend~


I DO love the last picture! The pale yellow just works so well with the vintage interior and items in the room!


i'm curious what magazines you find these photos in? I always love what you find ;) rosemary

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

These are all stunning!!!!
Lots of inspiration!!!


There's a definite sunny yellow theme going on there! Hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend.

Julia x


All the rooms are so pretty! I find it almost frustrating how many differents styles I like - a whirlwind of styles floating around in my head. But like you said, the key is to pick the elements you like that really identify your personality and show that you live there.

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