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May 21, 2007



I would recommend getting ear tubes for Hope because as a child I had a lot of ear infections and had some hearing lost due to ear infections. I had ear tubes put in when I was a little kid and then again when I was seventeen since I was losing my hearing. Everything for me has been fine since then. I hope that Hope is doing better with her medicine and want her to feel better as soon as possible.


I want to see Hope's art!!!


Poor Hope. I hope she feels better soon.
I love the art folder that you made.
Have a great day!


I hope they can get to the bottom of your little girl's ear problems--that can be such an awful thing to deal with!

I started my perennial garden last year, and this spring, most of what I planted was big and thriving. So I hope that encourages you! Now I just have to wait for this year's batch of plants to catch up!


My GRANDson started talking a bit late and we noticed his pronunciation was off (he would pronounce "t" as "b"...he had tubes put in his ears (several times as he grew) and then several years of speech therapy. You would never know today...I hope that your daughter is able to get the care to clear up this problem quickly. It's stressful for all of you I know, it's so hard when our babies don't feel well.


At 18 months my daughter still wasn't saying much. It turned out that she couldn't hear much because of standing fluid in her ears. Funny she didn't have a lot of ear infections but she wasn't hearing anything. We put the tubes in and she worked w/a speech therapist and she is now 7 and I can't get her to be quite! Trust me tubes are great!


Hey there, friend!

I'm so sorry your little Hopie. Tubes will be a good thing for her, I'll bet. My niece had the same problem and the tubes worked wonders. It's not good to be on those antibiotics all the time, is it?

Love that idea of the art box, and yours is soooo cute! Wish I would've done that!

Oooo! Can't wait to see pictures of your garden! Mine isn't in yet at all. All weeds. I need to get some peat and mix it into my clay-like soil. I will be working on the yard this weekend!!

Take care, Kim!



Great idea for storing Hope's artwork. She can always have it as a keepsake.

Regarding Hope's ear infections...poor kid! My son had quite a few of them; so many in fact that we were scheduled to have tubes put in. But as a last ditch effort, we went to a homeopath who helped us alter his diet (less cheese, no white bread, etc.). And amazingly, his infections subsided and he never needed the tubes after all. I hope whatever you decide will work out for Hope.


Great idea! I'm also a person who can't throw out the artwork. I have framed some of Evy's and have it hanging in our hallway upstairs and in her room. It's hard to know what to do with it all - but I can't throw it away. Great job with your project. I will need to do something as well to creatively store it.

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