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May 17, 2007



Isn't this home amazing. I wished they had shown more of the kitchen. I rarely see kitchens I like. Have a lovely relaxing weekend. I just hope to do some yummy cooking. Clarice


I love the silver teapot, thrown in with the garden stuff. That kitchen is great!!
I love inspiration Friday on Thursday night.
It's probably almost Friday where you are.
I am doing, exactly what you said you would like to do. House and garden stuff this weekend, with a few garage sales thrown in for good measure.
Have a good weekend, whatever you do.


Love that kitchen, makes you want to bake a lemon meringue pie (and eat it too). I'll be home. I have Monday off too so 3 days of spring cleaning...(I hate that word) and gardening stuff....Have a great weekend.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

What a stunning post!!!!!

DDiane Duda

Loved looking at your random prettiness! HOme sounds good to me, too. :)

Southern Heart

I personally love random! That garden bench in the photo is so inviting...that is exactly what I want my garden to look like.

I think your idea of a nice weekend sounds perfect! I hope that your time is spent just as you wish.



Hey, maybe that teapot is working as someone's fabulous watering can?
I love the blue floral skirted table or counter in the background of that last picture!
I'm with you, I am ready tostay home and nest this weekend!


You crack me up!!!

I agree! The perfectly polished teapot in the crate is not reality!

I hope you have a great weekend! Whatchya gonna do?

I'm going to be in the garden, I hope. It's an absolute mess right now, with all sorts of things coming up that shouldn't be :)



I love all of those inspiration pics! The color, the feel of them..... beautiful!
I hope to have a weekend at home too..... it's supposed to be a nice weekend.
Hope yours is lovely!


I love your random inspiration. I'm going to spend most of the weekend on home projects and I hope the same for you.


I love those last two photos. I just pulled one of my wicker chairs up to my dining room table last night and wondered if I should be on the lookout for some more so I could do that. I love that look.


Oh yummy! Those pictures are wonderful. Do you sometimes find yourself blogging about things just so you don't forget about them. I think I need to make a page called, "Don't Forget Me" for inspiration always. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Please see my blog for a mention of this beautiful post...

Heather~Pretty Petals

I love all the pretty photos! I have a litte doggie that looks similar to that one! lol


Allie from Minneapolis

All of your pictures are beautiful and inspiring - even if there is a silver teapot haphazardly tossed in with the gardening stuff :o) Those wicker chairs are great - I'm looking for a couple for out on the front porch - the ones in your picture are so lovely.


Hi! Just found your blog and what a great photo's! They trully are an inspiration. Love that first photo... that kitchen, those sweet soft colors... I WANT IT!!
Ok, gonna read your blog some more!


That kitchen picture is wonderful. Love those colors and all the painted wood. Heaven!


Beautiful kitchen!!! Great inspiration!!!!

Sadie Olive

Beautiful pictures!

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