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May 29, 2007



So pretty.

I love that you enjoy your special items.

The perfume bottle is called an atomizer.
I have a couple and the bulbs are always dry rotted and cracked but I love them anyway.

Thanks for sharing.


I am so sorry to hear Hope is sick. Your dresser is so wonderful. I am like you my dresser really is just for show, but it makes me happy. xoxox Clarice


I see you have Crabtree and Evelyn talc. I used to work for C&E and that was one of my favs. I also love their avocado soap! Thanks for sharing your dressing table!

The Decorated House

Beautiful pictures. That old cut glass bottle is simply gorgeous!
I sure hope your sweet little Hope is feeling better very soon.


Beautiful dressing table! I love all your old Chanel bottles! I collect them too!And Portobello Road is so much fun to browse around in,isn't it? Hope that Hope feels better soon!!


So lovely, and so classic...

and how impressed am I that you started paying attention to design, and creating your own at such a young age? wow...

And the apparatus is called an atomizer. Don't know if that is the whole shebang, or just the bulby thing.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

How utterly precious...thanks for sharing this with us....


Thanks for sharing I have always loved the old vanity tables and the old bottle that where always shown on them. Love your collection especially the bottle for the UK.


Those are precious! How long did it take you to actually collect everything that you have? I always dreamt of what I wanted parts of my home to look like but it's hard to keep it whenever I'm watching Bought & Sold on HGTV that airs every Sunday at 10pm. Because of all the houses that are shown on the shown are beautifully decorated, I can't make my mind up about my decorating. But I certainly wouldn't mind to start collecting vintage items. Have you seen or heard of the show Bought & Sold? You should check out the preview at http://web.hgtv.com/webhgtv/images/pac/59889/start_at_home.html?section=boughtsold,panel=videos.


I love your dressing table vignette...so 1940s Hollywood! I hope your daughter feels better soon.


Your pictures and recollections of how and where you got all of your lovely things, brings back many memories of good times. I am glad Daddy and I were able to be a part of helping you make those dreams come true.
Give Hope big Nana and Grandpa kisses and hugs.


I'm so sorry about little Hope's ears. I hope that if they do tubes it will greatly help. I just love all of your beautiful perfumes, and dressing table items. They are so pretty. And I just love those types of things - pretty bottles and bowls, old pictures, silver, gold - it's such a lovely display - especially in the sunlight, everything is so sparkly.


I think it is so cool that you were that in to decorating as a teenager. I can't imagine my teenager being into anything other than her friends, computer and cell phone! You are unique and special!

Southern Heart

Your dressing table is beautiful, as are your treasures. I love that each has special meaning, too!

I hope that Hope is feeling better!


Hi again! Soon be the weekend-yea! Isn't it a shame you can't get Cath Kidston that easily! Lots of you in the USA say that! Is the web-site not very reliable, or is it always sold out? Ours can take ages for delivery, but you can pay extra to have next-day delivery if it's an emergency (which with Cath Kidston goodies arriving it can be...)

Daisy Cottage

Oh, how BEAUTIFUL! Sigh - I would love to have something like this - very, very pretty and elegant! Loved seeing these pictures so much Kim!


Gorgeous treasures ~ I especially love the silver dresser set!
Wishing your daughter a quick recovery.


You have some beautiful items on your dressing table and treasured memories from collected souvenirs. I especially like the atomizer and cut glass dish with the silver top. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely treasures. Hope your daughter's ear infection clears up soon - earache is terrible.


Wow you have exactly the same silver & glass trinket container that I do, I wonder how old it is?
Hope your daughter gets better - I remember my oldest going through the same thing at that age. Is she teething by any chance?


What a dreamy dressing table. How lovely. Matches your lovely blog.

Isla Benson

I love this page, it really has been an inspiration to me. I'm 16 & have recently got involved with vintage things and when i typed dressing tables into google images this came up. My dressing able is a little similar with all the chanel perfume, but i need to collect some pretty trinkets too!
It really is a wonderful page thanks for sharing.

Isla :]


They still sell the atomizer bulbs (puff) that make the perfume spray out. Here is an eBay listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-Perfume-Atomizer-Bulb-w-Tassel-SEE-LISTING-COLORS-/330548094458.

But why don't you have your own dressing table? I use mine every single day and couldn't live without it. It is my place to groom and store my cosmetics and hair dressing items away from the bathroom and dresser. Treat yourself - you deserve it.

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