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September 28, 2010



This summer was a tough one! Three weeks ago we did a serious dethatching, reseeding, and spreading of tons of top soil (did I say "we" I should say "hardworking husband"). I did help carry bags of thatch to the street though and offered lots of moral support and cool drinks. It was a lot of work and the grass is just starting to fill in. The rain has helped, but I'm expecting a huge water bill due to all the sprinklers running so much. Best of luck on your lawn. I'm sure it will look great come spring time!


This is the #1 topic in our 'hood (except for the McMansion 2 doors down that just sold). The lawns are pathetic. My sister just got some company to kill their lawn, aerate, and re-seed. It's a 3-year plan overall, but only cost $250. I'll find out the details. All I'm saying is that I DO NOT want to be that person that cares that much about her lawn, but find myself ripping up that crazy crabgrass like a madwoman.


Just stopping by to say hello.
Hope your lawn is doing better.

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